Welcome to 4A

Week of January 30, 2017

Please complete 1000 Mathletics points and Connected activities. Nightly flashcards are also encouraged.

English Language Arts- Essential Question-How do you make new friends feel welcome? Genre-Fantasy, Weekly Selection-A Cricket in Time Square, Spelling-ir, er, ur, vocabulary, verbs and verb tens

Student were given a Catholic Daughters National Education Contest assignment sheet last week. They must enter an Essay, a Poem, Art, or Computer Art by February 10. The theme, directions, and rules can be found on the information sheet in your child’s binder. Students will be given time on Wednesday afternoon to work on it in class, but should begin to think about possible ideas before Wednesday. They may win $100, $50, or $25 if their piece is chosen. We have had winners from SMM every year we have participate.

 Math-dividing with 2 digits, dividing with a zero in the quotient, division word problems Long Division Steps-Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring down also known as Dad, Mother, Sister, Brother

Religion- To celebrate Community Day for Catholic Schools Week, we will make Valentine’s Day cards for local nursing homes. We will continue Chapter 3 this week and have an open book test on Friday.

History- Native People of Washington and the Northwest

Science-Zoology Characteristics of Vertebrates Classifying Vertebrates Classes of Vertebrates Life Cycles of Vertebrates


January 30-February 3, 2017 – Catholic Schools’ Week
February 2, 2017 –  Special Person’s Day – 1:15-2:45pm Parents are invited into the classroom from 1:15-1:35. We will then head to the church to find a seat. It is always very crowded.
February 3, 2017 – Report Cards go home
OPEN HOUSE: Thank you for attending. The students sang beautifully at mass, and it was nice to see so many visiting the classroom.



Week of January 9, 2017
Tuesday homework reminder-Finish Liturgical Calendar, Spelling WS, Connected,
Mathletics, Read 20 minutes
Reading-Essential Question: “What helps animals survive?”
Weekly Selection- Spiders
Students can access the story and assigned activities online at connected.mcgraw-hill.com.
Skills-summaries, expository text, context clues, vocabulary, possessive nouns, spelling
Math-factors and multiples, 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication review-quiz on Friday
-Describing leaves of angiosperms
-Using a dichotomous key to identify trees
Tree Report-Due January 20
-Botany Test January 20
-Landforms, MLK lesson
ReligionLiturgical Year-Test Friday

Week of December 5, 2016

English Language Arts– Essential Question-How do animal characters change familiar stories?   Weekly Selection-Ranita, the Frog Princess Genre-Drama Grammar-singular and plural nouns Vocabulary/Reading/Spelling Test on Friday

Math two digit by two digit multiplication continued-Test Thursday Rocket Math-Please encourage your children to practice facts at home nightly and complete 1000 Mathletics points by Sunday pm.

Religion– Continue discussing the birth of Jesus from verses in Matthew and Luke this week, and discussing Advent.   Confession on Thursday at 9:30 am.  Sing at the Immaculate Conception Thursday Mass at 11:00.

History-Geography of Washington State

Science-Students are making observations and recording data regarding the plant cuttings.  They will soon determine if the presence of salt in the water did or did not affect the growth of a plant cutting.   Lifecycle of a gymnosperm(primarily plants with seeds in cones) Lifecycle of an angiosperm(plants with seeds in flowers)

Week of November 28, 2016

English Language Arts-I enjoyed reading the personal narratives over Thanksgiving break and will return them this week. Since our mornings are largely dedicated to the Christmas Program practice, I will not be assigning a weekly reading selection. Therefore, there will be no reading/vocabulary quiz on Friday. However, students have been given a list of Christmas related spelling words to study and will have a quiz on Friday.   -singular and plural nouns -similies and metaphors -Readers Theater-Bob the Goofy Reindeer

Maththree digits by one digit area models, breaking apart numbers(distributive property), and two digit by two digit multiplication continued

Religion-Please ask your child to sing, speak, or read the words to their Christmas Program song to you for the next three nights.  Mrs. McMurray requested they practice nightly so they will be ready Thursday evening. We will also be reading about the birth of Jesus from verses in Matthew and Luke this week, and discussing Advent.
History-Geography of Washington State
Science: The Botany Part 1 tests have been graded and will be returned this week. The majority of the class did very well. Great job! We began our one variable experiment today. Students predicted whether the presence of salt in water will or will not affect the growth of a plant cutting.  We will observe the two cuttings and analyze our data in a few weeks.
Students will also observe gymnosperms, plants with seeds in cones, this week.

Week of November 14, 2016

English Language Arts:  Students are working on a personal narrative. They will continue revising and editing their work this week and next. Final copies can be written on google docs, word, or in cursive, and are due Thursday, November 17. Rough drafts will be written in students’ writing notebooks.

This week is the last week of our first reading unit,  so there will be no reading selection or  spelling test this week. Instead, students will have a comprehensive vocabulary test on Thursday covering 20 of the 40 words we have learned the past few months. Students can practice these words using the interactive games found on the ConnectEd website.

Math: Properties of multiplication review and multiplying two and three digits by one digit.

Religion: Students made large food drive posters to display and advertise our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. The remainder of the week and next, we will be working on our prayer service, which is scheduled for November 18 at 2:15.

History: Students’ election projects were wonderful! We opened the wall between the classrooms and had a sharing/voting time this afternoon, where all the fourth graders shared their projects and voted for their choice of president. The sixth grade classes also attended and were impressed by the projects. Remember to study for the government test this Thursday.

Science: Students are continuing to work on their Botany unit. They will have a test on Monday November 14th on the first four lessons.

November 10, 2016 – Veteran’s Day Assembly – 2:15 in the Parish Hall November 11, 2016 – Veteran’s Day – NO SCHOOL November 18, 2016 – Thanksgiving Prayer Service – 2pm in Church November 21-23, 2016 – Student-led Parent Teacher Conferences – No School


Week of October 24
First of all, I would like to thank the many parents who brought their children our first SMM Math Night last week. It was a tremendous success thanks to your support.  Please try some of the strategies listed on the blue paper with your  child. I have extra copies if you would like one. Continued practice at home will help them throughout the year.

Students worked very hard on the IOWA testing last week. Those who missed tests will make them up this week.  I expect the scores to be in by conference time in late November.
Reading-Essential Question: “How can science help you understand how things work?” Weekly Selection- A Crash Course in Forces and Motion Students can access the story and assigned activities online at connected.mcgraw-hill.com. Skills-cause and effect, context clues, multiple meaning words, narrative nonfiction
Math– multiplication, breaking apart larger numbers, rocket math, and games
Spelling-long i-test on Friday
Writing-Sentences, clauses
-Describing how plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis -Describing ways plants reproduce -Identifying the steps in the scientific method -One variable experiment
History-Election Project
Religion-Continue practicing the Nicene Creed-page 13 in Religion book. -Parts of the Mass practice with magnetic game

October 28, 2016 – Halloween Carnival – 6pm
October 31, 2016 – Halloween Party-Students may bring costumes. Please see Mr. Cunningham’s email regarding guidelines.
November 1, 2016 – All Saint’s Day – Saint costume parade!
November 2, 2016 – Dia de los Muertos presentation after mass in the parish hall.

Week of October 17
ITBS Information-Please see that your children are well rested during this week of testing. A healthy breakfast will also boost brain power and stamina.
Reading-Students will be working on the IOWA Test of Basic Skills this week, therefore, they will not be assigned a new weekly selection, vocabulary, or spelling. We will be reading short stories, practicing comprehension strategies, and reviewing previous spelling and vocabulary lists.
Math– addition and subtraction quiz, multiplication, rocket math, and games
-Describing the function of vascular tissues
-Identifying vascular and nonvascular plants
-Describing how plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis
History-Election Project
Religion-Continue practicing the Nicene Creed-page 13 in Religion book.
-Parts of the Mass flip charts
Tuesday-Orange Ruler Kona Ice Reward at 1:30
Thursday-Math Night 6:00-7:00 Please come by to learn some math games students  play at school, and see how you can help your child at home improve math skills.
Monday, Oct. 24-Orange Ruler Fun Run-Wear Orange


Week of September 26
Reading– Essential Question “How do your actions affect others?”
The weekly selection is titled Experts, Incorporated. The story can be found in the Wonders book as well as the ConnectEd website. (connected.mcgraw-hill.com)  Login using student’s firstnamelastinitial4a as their username and password. They have been assigned homework activities, which they are expected to complete at home if you have internet access. Ask your child to show you the website sometime this week. It is fun and worthwhile component of our reading program.

Spelling– The spelling words this week focus on the long /a/ sound (pale, nail, play, break, eight, and they). You can find your child’s words on my website.

Math-problem solving, place value review, rocket math, and games

Science-Biology Unit
-Comparing animal, plant, and fungus cells
– Identifying characteristics of eukaryotic cells
-Identifying organisms with eukaryotic cells
-Using a microscope to observe protists
History– Branches of Government
Religion-Nicene Creed-page 13 in Religion book. Practice with partner and at home. Be able to recite first entire prayer by Friday, September 30.
-Check your child’s planner for nightly homework assignments. I realize I told you it was their responsibility to get their work done, but it looks like a handful need some parental encouragement. -Field Trip to the WA State Corn Maze is on October 6. Please let me know if you are available to drive. We have three volunteers at this point.
Orange Ruler -56% of our class has participated/enrolled at this time, and we are at 96% of our goal, which puts us in third place school wide. Awesome!! We are hoping for 100% participation, so keep up the hard work and please enroll if you haven’t done so already.   Your effort will help our class earn prizes, but more importantly, will raise necessary funds for our school.


Week of September 19
Reading-Introduce additional Daily Five rotations.
-Discuss fairy tales, predictions, and sequence
-Read and discuss
The Princess and the Pizza
Sentence fragments
-On Wednesday, students will be given a username and login to complete assignments on the Reading Connected website. See the link on my webpage. Students will be able to work on these activities at home and at school. 

Spelling-short vowel sounds

Math-place value, rounding, comparing, multiplication one minute timings

Science-Biology Unit
-Describing the functions of structures in plant cells
-Describing fungus cells
 -Comparing animal, plant, and fungus cells
History-Washington State Symbols and Branches of Government
Religion-Nicene Creed-page 13 in Religion book. Practice with partner and at home. Be able to recite first two paragraph by Friday and entire prayer by next Friday, September 30.

-Book orders due this Wednesday.
-Please see that students remember to bring in their materials daily.  Some are forgetting books and assignments at home.
-Field Trip to the WA State Corn Maze is on October 6. Please let me know if you are available to drive.
-We have started the
Orange Ruler Fundraiser strong. 25% of fourth grade families have participated at this time. We are hoping for 100% participation.  Please email friends and family, and help us earn prizes and funds for our school.

Week of September 12

We have begun our first full week of school and students are adjusting to our classroom procedures.  I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing some important information at back to school this Wednesday.  

Reading-Introduce additional Daily Five rotations.
-Discuss genre, plot, theme, characters, point of view, inferences, text evidence, and purpose
-Read and discuss
A Strange Disappearance
Spelling-frequently misspelled word list-see planner

Math-place value, and fourth grade pretest

Science-Biology Unit
Identifying characteristics of an organism
Identifying a cell as the smallest unit of an organism
Using a microscope to observe a specimen
Identifying  parts of a microscope
Using a microscope to observe a cheek cell
Identifying the nucleus of a cell
History-Washington State
Religion-parts of the Bible
Tuesday is picture day. Please turn in your order form in the morning or come to the office to fill one out.


Dear 4A Parents and/or Guardians,

Welcome to another school year at St. Mary Magdalen. I hope you had a restful summer.

I look forward to teaching your children and getting to know you as well. In my classroom, I strive to provide an atmosphere that is filled with learning, laughter, and collaboration.

I am beginning my tenth year here at SMM and taught previously in Mesa, Arizona, and Roseville, CA. My husband and I have three children, one in college, one in high school and one college graduate.

The first few  weeks of school, students will learn and practice classroom procedures and get to know one another. They will write down homework, test dates, and important information in the planners provided.

Students are required to read 20 minutes a night. Please sign your child’s planner to indicate completion of homework for the first month. I will be sending weekly emails which will also be posted on my website, when it is up and running.

You will receive more information regarding classroom procedures and curriculum at Back to School Night on September 14. I look forward to seeing you there.

The best way to contact me is through the school email. khenning@stmarym.org

Mrs. Henning