What We Cover in 4A

Language Arts:

We have 5 novel studies we will be covering in 4th grade.  These novels are Tuck Everlasting, Holes, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom, The BFG and Maniac Magee.

Our reading will cover everything from the distinction between genres, comprehension studies, and reading journals.  In order for us to be successful in reading, we will use a multitude of reading styles, including read alouds, D.E.A.R time, partner reading, independent reading, and whole class reading.  We also will have a strong focus on grammar including word studies, prefixes, suffixes, and roots, and how to write grammatically correct sentences.


Writing:  Writing will go hand in hand with our reading curriculum.  Students will focus on supporting textual evidence and responding to comprehension questions.  We will be learning about different writing styles, such as nonfiction, folk tales, fairy tales, biographies and opinion writings.


Math: In math, we will begin by covering place values, and work our way though multiplication, division, fractions, and eventually decimals.


Social Studies: We will be covering Washington State History this year.  We will look at the natural state of Washington, Native Americans, explorers, the impact of the Oregon Trail, how Washington became a state, and the government.


Science: In 4th grade, we will be covering life sciences with the differences in plant and animal cells, the different types of energy ranging from kinetic to energy produced from electricity, the human body and the connection to the senses, and a little bit of earth science and geology with erosion and weathering.


Religion: We will be looking at how we believe, worship, live, and pray in Catholicism.  We will also be looking at examples of how each of these play into every day life.  Our service project ties into religion as well, as 4th grade oversees the food drive in November.